Roll up Roll Down Gate Repair Bronx NY

The famous Bronx 24- hour roll- up and roll- down gates are doors that are often, if not all the time used in commercial and residential units now. Made of quality, hard and thick steel, they provide tight security to the establishments mainly because they are difficult to invade. They are good against burglars, vandals and other bad elements who may attempt to break in the building. This type of gates and doors are also good in protecting windows, doors and other parts of the building that are made of glass and other breakable objects.

There are different kinds of rolling gates and roll-up and roll- down security doors, but the most common one will be that which would simply slide back up when they close. They are kept out the way of the door through the bar elements that sorts of lock it up while it is rolled. The good thing about it is that it is very easy to pull back when closing time comes.

Aside from stores, roll- up gates and doors are also becoming popular in residential units. It only began in the garage before but nowadays it is used in other parts of the house as well. Recently, the more high- tech ones are being produced. These are the remote control operate roll- up doors which would enable the owner to open and close it with mere press of buttons in the control. Now it is not only secured, it also has become very convenient.

Through the years, we have built a name in this business and we are committed to continue this throughout. We offer installation services whether the project is big or small. We do stores, houses and huge buildings as well. With just a single call, our team of experienced and well- trained workers will show up to get things going. We also see to it that the instructions given by the owners are followed up to the littlest detail.

Aside from installation services, we also offer maintenance and 24- hour emergency roll- up door repair. We understand that some of your security concerns can happen even in the wee hours and we are ready to put things back into order for you. After we have installed your doors or roll up gates, we still monitor it just to check if things are working fine. Once we are confident that things are in place, we’ll be at our office and wait for your next call.

What we do when we are called for emergency is first check on the mechanism that is running the roll up gate or door. We check on the motor and the coils and see if any part is broken. We also do lubrication to prevent the usual cause of the gates being stuck up. We are all over Bronx, Manhattan and New York City and we are easy to reach. Give us a call and you wouldn’t have to worry about your doors and gates ever again.

For emergency repair of your overhead doors and roll up and roll down gates don’t hesitate to call us at (718)-509-9616.

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